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Amity Allied Shores Group Intro.

Amity Allied is a merger of a group of companies which is established as a result of expansion requirement given the increase of demand in Shipping Industry and the aspects involved. The Group which is a combination of four companies each with over three decades of experience in the field of Maritime benefits from a long run team of experts in major fields of Maritime Industry.

The merging companies with over thirthy years of activities, has been involved in Shipping Industry ever since starting with Crew Change, Spare Parts, Supplies, Stevedoring locally and Agency Services at all Southern Iranian ports expanding to Capital which consequently resulted in becoming and acting as The Sole Agent for a number of major owners and shippers from Europe handling over four thousand callings over the first decade of its activity per se as well as Fareast owners with continuous success in the industry for quite a number of years.

Amity Allied which consists of experts in the field with over a decade experience in Chartering, Brokerage and S&P with notable fixture background of large sums of various shipments both for Government and Private Sector amounting over two Million Tons of various commodities both Import and Export including Wheat, Ferts, Rice, IORE, Etc. as well as wet shipments including Mazut, Fuel, Bitumen, RPO, Etc. in forms of COAs, long term TCTs as well as occasional and continuous voyages.

Handling of shipments varies from small Coasters and local Barges to Handies, Supras, PNMXs, SMAXs, LPGs, LNGs, VLCCs and in general any size in accordance to the market and the need of our clientele. The issue of Chartering and Brokerage is made quite faster, more practical and easier as Amity Allied is a member of Global Maritime Organizations such as  BIMCO, The BALTICs, ICS, INTERCARGO & INTERTANKO which also gives us the benefit of having vast area of direct connections with major Ship-Owners and well known INT’L Brokers.

Advantaged by being direct and exclusive Charterers to a number of potential Shippers and Suppliers both Governmental and Private, Amity Allied has been able to secure its fruitful relations with the said sectors having provided proper services throughout its operations with large amount of cargo movement in its logbook varying from Grain, Rice, GSOP & GTSP from Australia, Canada and Thailand as well as Europe and African Regions to PG for Government only not to mention privately moved shipments such as SBM, IORE, Gypsum Etc. privately to and from Indian Regions and Fareast. These were merely examples of our activities over the years for demonstration.

Amity Allied also has a divided department which is specializing in Agency Services with expert personnel and Branches at all Southern Iranian Ports that will be focusing solely on providing the best services possible to satisfy our clients’ needs. With close relations to port and the related divisions, our agents are able to minimize the port stay and turnaround time to as less as possible as well as providing the most competitive rates in the region amongst other agency providers with ability to secure any need of Master and Crew as well as Owners and the Vessel itself.